Chris Broussard uses his voice and platform to help motivate and inspire others to reach their full potential by dedicating themselves to excellence and perseverance. His wisdom, knowledge and experience continues to be a source of strength and hope - especially for young people.

NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas

Chris Broussard’s presentation was a model in how to relate to middle-school students. WOS teachers said his appearance was one of the best in the seven camps, two after-school programs and three on-location events we’ve held in the past four years. He told his personal story, one of becoming a writer instead of a pro athlete that was an excellent example of dealing with reality when making career decisions. I’m certain his participation was an important moment in our kids’ lives, one they won’t soon forget.

Byron Yake, Founder & Executive Director, Write on Sports

Do you want to share the gospel in a compelling way? Get Chris! Do you want to inspire a love for Christ and his word? Get Chris! Do you want your men challenged, encouraged and equipped? You know the answer...Get Chris. Chris Broussard comes as a servant to build up the body of Christ and challenge them to live a compelling faith. We can't wait to have him back!

Dr. Roger Patterson

Chris Broussard's work ethic is second to none. The trust that people have in him is quite evident, and he is of the highest order when it comes to character and integrity.

James Brown, Emmy Award-winning Broadcaster

I knew Chris Broussard was a great basketball analyst, but he's an even better man and an incredible communicator. He's grounded in God's word and is using his abilities to reach out into God's world in order to address some of the toughest and most important cultural issues. I'm thankful for Chris' heart for the kingdom and how God has positioned him for His purposes.

Jeremy Treat, Associate Pastor, Reality Church

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