Those who follow Chris as a reporter and sideline analyst for the NBA on ESPN recognize his professional excellence. He is very good at what he does. But he is even more impressive on a personal level - as a man of character, commitment, enthusiasm, faith, integrity and passion.

Clark Kellogg

Chris Broussard's presentation at the Greater Long Branch NAACP Freedom Fund Luncheon 2013 was complete FIRE, as he truly spoke truth to power! He laid out a Five-Point Plan for rebuilding our communities that provides a true blueprint for those who are serious about taking corrective action and reversing the misfortune prevailing in most urban communities today. We've received numerous requests for videos and transcripts of Chris's speech at the event. Chris is a true inspiration.

Eugene Stewart, Director, (NJ) NAACP

His deep understanding of both high school and professional athletes enables him to establish a relaxed and intimate conversation enjoyed by all.

Jeff Kaufman, Boost Mobile

We had sky-high expectations when we invited Chris Broussard to the Ohio University campus last March to headline a program for students. None of us, however, expected Chris to far exceed our expectations.

Justice B. Hill, Ohio University

Chris Broussard was awesome. His ability to connect with the students and encourage them to contribute to the dialogue on multiculturalism, the social responsibility of the black athlete, and challenges facing American youth in a global economy was amazing to watch. His poise and easy-going approach made everyone feel comfortable even when the debate heated up. His command of the subject along with his ability to summarize comments and keep the dialogue on track enabled us to provide our audience with a truly enriching experience.

Lincoln Parker, Urban Marketing Corporation of America

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