I knew Chris Broussard was a great basketball analyst, but he's an even better man and an incredible communicator. He's grounded in God's word and is using his abilities to reach out into God's world in order to address some of the toughest and most important cultural issues. I'm thankful for Chris' heart for the kingdom and how God has positioned him for His purposes.

Jeremy Treat, Associate Pastor, Reality Church

Since I became President of the Greater Long Branch, New Jersey NAACP 12 years ago, we have had nationally-known keynote speakers ranging from Ambassador Andrew Young to Dr. Cornel West. However, none of them have ever brought a more inspiring message than Mr. Chris Broussard.

Lorenzo Bill Dangler, President, (NJ) NAACP

As a black man, pastor and police officer in one of America's most dangerous cities Flint, Michigan, I found Chris Broussard's message "Reconstructing the Black Male Image in America" a call to action for black men, the black church and the society at large to destroy the historical false negative stereotypes that have haunted black men since they arrived upon America's shores that we are somehow inherently dangerous, lazy and preoccupied with self gratification. Broussard challenges us instead to replace those stereotypes with the biblical reality that black men are readers and intellectuals, filled with wisdom with the capacity to love themselves, their families, their communities and God the way God prescribes in the bible.

Pastor Brian Willingham

Chris Broussard has an uncanny ability to reel you in with his life's testimony, which brings ministry to you and creates inspiration in you. He's an effective communicator not just in the world of sports but in any environment where an audience is present.

Pastor Fred Price Jr.

The message we received from Chris Broussard could not have been delivered any better if President Obama himself had given the keynote speech.

Rev. Joseph Calhoun

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